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Here's a timeline of important dates (WIP)

7 June 1494

The Treaty of Tordesillas divided the world as understood at the time between Portugal and Spain

20 May 1498

Vasco da Gama reached Calicut in India

3 February 1509

The Portuguese decisively defeated an combined fleet of Muslim powers at the Battle of Diu (in India), thus establishing Portuguese trade dominance and the beginning of European control of Asian seas

May 1513

Jorge Álvares landed on an island the Portuguese called Tamão (likely Tuen Mun 屯門) near Guangzhou (aka Canton) in China


Portugal secured a permanent lease for Macau; the annual rent of 500 taels of silver was paid for several hundred years

19 December 1961

The Portuguese surrendered Goa to Indian forces, ending 451 of presence

20 December 1999

Macau is ceded to the People's Republic of China

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